Web3.0 will allow the Metaverse to break all barriers

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2 min readOct 6, 2021


Let us see if it is possible to build a true digital parallel world through the continuous improvement of technology.

Will the meta-universe be the future?

Metaverse is widely regarded as the next generation Internet, which involves countless interoperable virtual spaces, and integrates into the real world on a large scale, thereby creating a new medium and economic environment for work, entertainment and innovation.

Roblox, the first company in the world to include have Metaverse in its prospectus, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange on March 10 this year, and its market value immediately exceeded US$40 billion. The concept of a metaverse could lead to a new era in human development.

Life in the digital sphere needs to enter the web3.0 era.

NGC VENTURE’s co-founder TT once said that he truly believes that if the meta-universe is to be realized, it can only be realized on the blockchain. If the metaverse exists, developers should be able to develop new application, and experiences must be interoperable. Users must Have ownership of their experience and data. Only in this way can the meta-universe release the unlimited creativity it promises.

“Web3.0 will become the foundation for the creation of the meta-universe”-Juan Benet

The Web3.0 promises to reduce “friction” in the processing of data. It has already reached the development from 0 to 1, and is currently on the road from 1 to N. With the continuous development and implementation of the Web3.0 ecosystem, applications such as DeFi, NFT, games, and entertainment will flourish. In the future, it will present an infinitely rich and diversified virtual reality world.

This coincides with the meta universe. The difference is that the Metaverse is based on Web3.0. but why?

On the one hand, Metaverse is a platform for carrying virtual activities with credible asset value and identity authentication, and a virtual mapping of the real world. Users’ activities such as social interaction, entertainment, creations, display, education, and transactions all require advanced technologies as support. The development of Web3.0 technology fundamentally enables Metaverse to realize and codify the underlying value and rights and provide the core technical support for the promise of the meta-universe.

Web3.0 will also break the barriers of Internet giants, makes user data and information truly free, so that the real assets and value of each real user are completely inside the metaverse, which lays the core foundation of the metaverse’s Digitization. This will further consolidate the view that Web3.0 is the foundation for the creation of the meta-universe.