The solution to the dividend of traffic application development is to decentralize

With the popularity of the Internet and the increasing popularity of digital platforms, digital advertising has become one of the most important forms of advertising.According to eMarketer, the global digital advertising market maintained an overall growth momentum from 2016 to 2018. In 2018, the global online advertising was worth $283.35 billion with a year-on-year increase of 21.99% from 2017.

Although the global advertising industry is already in the mature stage of the industry’s life cycle,Due to the lack of trust between stakeholders in the industry chain, non-value parts such as advertisement verification,

data monitoring, and advertisement blocking have appeared. The high trust cost has led to the transfer of interests of all parties, causing a high user acquisition cost for advertisers on the one hand, and a lack of competitiveness for small-and-medium-sized media firms to compete with giant monopolies on the other hand. What’s worse, users are disturbed and irritated by annoying advertisements.

Current Pain Points in the Advertising Industry

1 Traffic Fraud

Seduced by high profits, traffic fraud is serious in the mobile advertising market. Risky equipment such as device farms (such as phone farms) and virtual machines have wasted advertising resources for a long time, affecting the advertising effectiveness.

2 Data Silo

Data is the foundation of the digital advertising ecosystem.. However, companies, large and small, are fighting their battles separately, large and small silos in the vast data ocean.As a result, advertisers cannot grasp effective consumer data, and data often forms gaps.

3 Advertising Harassment

In the centralized mobile advertising industry, users, as the ultimate recipients of mobile advertising, can only passively accept advertisements in most cases. Deeply harassed by spam

advertisements, their personal information security cannot be guaranteed.

4 Extra Costs Caused by Agents

In the process of mobile advertising, endless agents such as DSP, ADX, SSP and DMP have increased the advertising transaction cost.

In response to the above problems in the advertising industry, JAMBO built the first blockchain advertising technology support platform based on blockchain technology. Open up a new situation in the business model of the advertising industry.


Jambo has been committed to creating a transparent and credible decentralized advertising industry value ecology. With the Polkadot

heterogeneous multi-chain architecture, the platform can realize the value interoperability of different advertising industry chains, make the database transparent, greatly improve the service development of blockchain advertising industry, and accelerate the serving efficiency of digital advertising.

Jambo uses the characteristics of blockchain to realize transparent and credible value ecology of decentralized advertising industry. Decentralized advertising link bridge: Smart contract set on Polkadot Parachain.

(1) Semantic analysis contract: The natural semantic analysis engine can accurately analyze the demand of advertisers and the supply of advertising channels.

(2) Smart matching contract: Match the supply and demand of advertisers and advertising channels.

(3) Security audit contract: For cheating behaviors such as click farming, the system will automatically deduct the security deposit pledged by the advertising channels.

Through Jambo, the whole ecology can be optimized, the complex and high-cost middle links can be simplified, and the new business model can be formed through the new mode of nodes on the chain.

Jambo has continued deepening the value of on-chain traffic and improving the accuracy of blockchain information. The application of blockchain technology has broken the border of the financial field or entertainment field to build the high-traffic data applications of the advertising communication industry based on blockchain technology, thus directly or indirectly helping users filter false information.

Jambo’s brand-new ecosystem can be developed from the purchase channel. As a traffic-side platform, it will no longer earn income through advertising sales, but through the operation and maintenance of the ecosystem to enhance the value of its own ecosystem, so as to achieve the purpose of creating income by appreciating the tokens used in the ecology. Under the Jambo ecosystem, the contract system of advertisement will no longer exist. Every user can spread the

advertisements. The artificial intelligence system judges how much attention the spreading party’s video, text, pictures and other parts containing the advertisement have attracted, and calculates the

reward to the user based on attention. Advertisement users can also become advertisement publishers. The advertising industry will show a revolutionary development posture.

JAMBO Mission

Jambo enables the advertising industry’s service network to provide transparent, efficient and stable communication services for the industry. We are committed to helping users to participate in blockchain advertising applications, promoting implementation of high-traffic applications in the application ecosystem, gathering new potential development teams to build a large-traffic reference matrix in digital advertising, and affecting the traffic circle of multiple industries and

communities, thus enabling more people to enjoy the development dividends of high-traffic applications.