Stake JAM Tokens to earn up to 1000%+ APY Rewards!

Jambo Network
2 min readNov 1, 2021

Dear Community,

We are excited to announce that Jambo Dapp is living now! Users can stake JAM tokens at

And we’re going to start the a New Round Airdrop campaign! Complete the following steps to get 100 JAM per address.

1.Like & RT the pinned tweet with tags #JAM #Crypto #Airdrop

2.Create your decentralized Ads

3.To participate in liquidity mining

The Smart Contract:

JAM token: 0xf30925b40c9aeaba7bebe89549336e49f3a4d360

Liquidity Mining: 0x4de2A4cA11d4b523cd96a5d6C2516111474671b7

Details of LP mining:

Total Mining Amount: 100 Million JAM

Mining Speed: 1 block/3s

JAM Mining per day: 86400

The Liquidity Pools:

1) JAM

2) JAM-BUSD LP tokens

3) JAM-BNB LP tokens

JAM is available on the Pancakeswap exchange:

How to stake to earn:

1.Connect Wallet(Binance Smart Chain)

2.Create your decentralized Ads, Upload a poster.

3.Select a liquidity pool and start mining to get JAM rewards

How to get JAM-BUSD or JAM/BNB LP tokens:

1) Click and Connect your bsc wallet.

2) Click the “Add Liquidity” button.

3) Chose BUSD or BNB and JAM token.

4) Add Liquidity and get the LP tokens.

Now you can go back to the staking page to earn!

APY changes with the number of participants, and the earlier you participate, the higher the rewards!


36% will be reserved for Ecosystem advertisers and advertise users as grants and bounties.

29% will be distributed as reward to staking participants, liquidity providers, early participants,community angles.

20% will be distributed to the investors:Seed Invenstors,VCs,IDO/Public Offering.

10% will be reserved for the team of develop.(Locked 1 year)

5% will be reserved as JAM Foundation Treasury.