Jambo Network received strategic investment from Activate Venture Partners

Jambo Network
2 min readJun 23, 2021


On June 23, Jambo Network received a strategic investment from Activate Venture Partners. The two parties will jointly promote the healthy development of the Jambo Network ecosystem. Activate Venture Partners focuses on high-growth technology companies with abundant resources and strengths in different industries, especially the current blockchain technology In the case of a large number of application requirements, it will help Jambo Network have a healthier ecological application landing.

— About Activate Venture Partners —

Activate Venture Partners is one of the most experienced early-stage venture capital companies. Entrepreneurs and companies with high capital efficiency invest in high-growth technology companies. They have decades of capital industry experience and resources in the financial and medical industries. At present, it has accumulated investment in nearly 200 enterprises.

— About Jambo Network —

Jambo Network is a blockchain advertising technology platform, committed to achieving a transparent and credible decentralized advertising ecolosystem. Through Polkadot’s heterogeneous multi-chain architecture, the value of interoperability for different advertising industry chains can be realized with a transparent database that can improve the business expansion of the blockchain advertising industry and accelerates the efficiency of digital advertising.

Jambo Network enables transparent, efficient and stable communication services for the advertisement industry. We insist on improving the convenience for users to participate in blockchain advertising applications, build a large-traffic ecosystem, gather members for our development teams to build a large-traffic reference matrix for digital advertising, and affect the traffic circle of multiple industries and communities. Let more people enjoy the dividends of the development of high-traffic applications.