Jambo Network Double Weekly Report 18th Sep — 1st Oct

Jambo Network
1 min readOct 7, 2021


Technical Update:

01. Dapp product test, testing the link to each wallet interface

02 Ad-upload speed optimization, and user data permission test

Global Event:

01. Over the past two weeks JamboNetwork has held the IDO whitelisting, and launched dodoex.io on September 25, 16:00 PM UTC+8, which was enthusiastically welcomed by the community.

02. About IDO whitelist details

IDO Whitelist opened the registration at 20:00 on September 17th UTC+10 and stopped collecting at 20:00 on September 24th UTC+10. A total of 952 application forms were received, from which 665 were found valid after screening. Among these 300 randomly selected lucky winners were determined.

Some users who have obtained IDO qualifications wasted their opportunity, so we will consider more activities in the future to allow other users to have the opportunity to participate.

03. JamboNetwork will soon launch Dapp and start the mobile betting function.

Community Update:

01. Jambo Network Twitter fans:22.8k

02. Jambo Network telegram:17,208