Jambo Bounty Event

Activity Rules for our bounty campaign:

To participate in the event you need an established follower base. We will give out JAM and USDT bounty rewards in exchange for completing the tasks we specify to help us grow. In the Twitter reward event, we will issue a bounty of 1,000 USDT and 10,000 JAM as rewards. Please fill out the form for review. We will reply via email whether you are eligible to participate.


1. Follow the official Twitter of Jambo Network;

2. Join the Jambo Network Telegram Group

3. During the event, at least 4 official tweets will be forwarded every week. Comments should mention opinions and suggestions on Jambo Network, using the hashtags: #Jambo #Polkadot #IDO.

4. Participants will have the opportunity to obtain IDO qualifications from Jambo Network, please pay attention to the email information

5. USDT rewards will be issued in time, and JAM rewards will be issued after the IDO event ends


More than 100k followers: 1000 JAM & 200 USDT/week

More than 50k followers: 500 JAM & 150 USDT/week

More than 10k followers: 200 JAM & 100 USDT/week

More than 2k followers: 100 JAM & 50 USDT/week

Fans 501–2000: 10USDT/week

Fans 1–500: 6USDT/week

Entry Form: https://forms.gle/S5opTty8XDahEK1g6

Users who have passed the review will receive an email from us. Please do not change your Twitter account name during the event. This is your proof of eligibility for participation and rewards. Please ensure that the account you are using is a personal account. Participants using an abnormal account will be disqualified.


Twitter accounts should be public, and posts should be visible to everyone. We will not consider bot accounts.

Users who use multiple accounts will be blacklisted.