How Jambo Decentralized Advertising Technology Impacts Advertisers and Users?

Jambo, a decentralized advertising platform has much to offer to the crypto world, as it opens up many investment avenues through the timely distribution of relevant information. First, Jambo’s advertising technology overcomes the major problems existing in the traditional market system.

Market potential

Loss of trust: Many advertisers and users lose trust in traditional advertising agencies because of rampant cheating and abuse of personal data. For example, some advertising agencies collect users’ confidential information and use it for their benefit. With Jambo, users are only identified using digital identity rather than personal data.

High advertising costs: Most traditional advertising companies charge very high advertising cost. Blockchain based advertising has lower costs than the traditional system. For instance, Jambo uses the bidding system, which lowers the associated advertisement costs, yet delivers high traffic.

Traffic fraud prevention: There are no traffic frauds with Jambo advertising protocol. This is because there is multi-party collaboration through the consensus system. Advertisers use a distributed system to review every advertisement or impression. Thus, an advertiser can only pay for effective traffic.

Infringement of privacy: Unlike the traditional advertising system which leaks personal data, the blockchain based advertising system enhances data security through the encryption process. This protocol enables users to select the people who should access their information.

False traffic: One of the greatest challenges bedevilling the traditional web-based advertising is false traffic. As a result, advertisers end up paying for non-existing traffic. On the other hand, with Jambo’s protocol advertisers benefit from the advertisement process as real traffic is involved.

More interestingly, the advertisers can easily monitor and verify the number of advertisement clicks and follow up activities. As a result, this leads to a credible information sharing system among advertisers, users and media.

Data integration: Blockchain-based advertising which Jambo offers is highly integrated. This is because the protocol connects various chains and support systems. Thus it integrates the data for the entire society into a complex yet simple to use information network. Also, it becomes simple for marketers to compile customer profiles using digital identities. In addition, the blockchain system shares customer profiles, eliminating the problem of redundant information and data silos.

Incentive system: The incentive system which blockchain advertising provides, enables users to willingly participate. In some cases, consumers sell their data to advertisers.

Application of the Jambo technology in real-life

User information

On the other hand, Jambo overcomes these challenges, among others. For example, it ensures that the correct information gets to the right audience. It achieves this in several ways:

Semantic analysis contract: The protocol analyses the needs of advertisers and matches them with the most suitable advertising channels. This is so because advertisers target suitable end-users based on specific digital identities. The system identifies the people who use search engines, social networks and portals and targets them.

Smart matching contract:

Basically, advertisers achieve their conversion targets through Jambo’s integration of data silos.

Security audit contract: This system discourages click farming as it deducts a sum from the security deposit made by the associated advertising channels. As a result, there will be real value for the advertisers’ money.

Jambo explores various portals

With this technology, advertisers can choose the form of advertising they want, through Jambo’s advertising platform. This is simple because they can view the coverage area and play times, in case of games.